How to manage stress as an entrepreneur?

We interviewed Aliénor and Anne-Sophie, founders of Nêge Paris.

Can you introduce yourself and your brand?

"Aliénor & Anne-Sophie, we have been friends for more than 10 years, after studying together in business school at ESSEC. Aliénor then worked for 5 years in sales strategy in the fashion sector at Hermès and LVMH and Anne-Sophie worked for 4 years at L'Oréal in the cosmetics division, in the marketing department.

Together, we launched Nêge Paris, a new brand dedicated to pajamas, entirely co-created on Instagram, and committed to more respectful fashion."

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How and why did you launch Nêge?

"We wanted to launch an entrepreneurial project in line with the values we hold dear: transparency, sharing, environmental commitment and well-being.

So after spending our 2020 year in pajamas with confinements and telecommuting, we decided to reenchant the female pajamas. Pajamas to wear at night, as well as during the day. Indoors, as well as outdoors."

How to manage stress at work?

"When you're an entrepreneur, you have to allow yourself to breathe, decompress and find your balance, it's essential. You can't always be at 1000%, and fortunately.

Eleanor loves being outside, she walks a lot. It allows her to escape and free her mind, which is important when you start your own business. When she feels like she's not being creative, she takes 10 minutes to do something completely different (sorting her things, tidying her apartment...). Just 10 minutes, and she's off again.

For Anne-Sophie, mental wellbeing includes the quality of sleep, as she has had many sleep problems since she was a child. Doing sports regularly, turning off all screens at least 2 hours before falling asleep and reading soothing books, which raise few emotions.

We also force ourselves to take breaks together, like a HIIT workout every other Tuesday."

Alienor and Anne-Sophie de nêge

How to free yourself from the mental load?

"For Anne-Sophie, it's running regularly to clear the mind and forget all the little worries of everyday life. You also have to give yourself little moments of madness to decompress: put on some very (very) loud music and start dancing. It allows you to forget that you are working from your little Parisian apartment!

For Aliénor, it is every evening, just before going to bed, to list on a notebook all that there is to do the next day. The little trick to start the day serenely and on the right foot.

But mostly it's about remembering that we're lucky enough to be entrepreneurs and can plan our day the way we want."

How to overcome the difficulties?

"The biggest scare we had was the cancellation of our shoot at the last minute because we didn't receive our pajama prototypes in time.

We had to force ourselves to be very reactive because we had to find a place, a photographer, a videographer, models ... We had even invited 8 women from our Instagram community to participate in the shooting. Quite an organization!

What we learned from this is that we must always try to find the positive in what we do. For example, for the shooting, we finally found a place even better than the one initially planned, thanks to the change of date.

We are lucky to be two, and to support each other fully. When one has a "down" moment, the other is always there to bring positivity and optimism. And that's something we wouldn't trade for the world."

Imposter syndrome: what are your tips for dealing with it?

"We are proud to have launched ourselves into entrepreneurship, but of course we have moments of doubt. It's normal, you have to accept them.

To avoid the impostor syndrome, we celebrate a lot of little things between us: the 1st anniversary of Nêge, our first sale, our first publication in the press... Some of them might seem insignificant, but there is no small victory!"

What do you do to soothe yourself at night?

"For Aliénor, these are quick 10-minute meditation sessions with dedicated applications like Petit Bambou. Ideal to disconnect, and fully enjoy her evening.

For Anne-Sophie, it is a very simple breathing and visualization exercise. Lie down in bed with your eyes closed. Breathe in through your nose on 4 beats, hold your breath on 4 beats and then breathe out on 8 beats through your mouth. Repeat this 3 times, and at the same time imagine yourself in a situation where you feel very free. For Anne-Sophie, it is in a field in the middle of nature.

Your turn tonight!"

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A 100% Nêge cocooning routine?

"Snuggle up in soft eco-responsible pajamas, grab a good book and drink a linden and blackberry tea. The little ultra-cocooning tip? Slip 2 drops of lavender essential oil into your infusion: a pure moment of soothing!"

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Anne-Sophie and Aliénor