The coffee break, good or bad idea?

Anxiety disorders increased by 26% during the pandemic.
Stress and chronic fatigue have become a permanent part of our daily lives. And it becomes difficult to slow down the rhythm...

In case of fatigue at work and mental load, it is advisable to take breaks.

Coffee and anxiety: what are the links?

But, why is the coffee break a bad idea?

☕ Coffee is addictive

Many people say that without their morning coffee, they are not capable of anything: there is no point in trying to talk to them or ask them anything until they have enjoyed their steaming cup. So, we reassure you, caffeine addiction does not exist, but it does meet a criterion: the "withdrawal syndrome" when stopping. 10 to 15% of consumers would be concerned. Don't worry because the effects would only last between 48 hours and a week, but the program: irritability, anxiety, headaches, nausea ... not enough to make us want to.

☕ Coffee promotes anxiety

And this production is particularly superfluous in the morning: when waking up, the body naturally increases its production of cortisol by 50% to give energy, alertness and adrenaline. Coffee is known to awaken, energize and excite, so the combination of the two is unnecessary.
In the following hours, the level of cortisol naturally produced by the body will decrease, as well as the level of caffeine: double sluggishness result!

CBD helps relieve anxiety on a daily basis to feel more calmed day and night.

☕ Caffeine and sleep: they don't mix!

A false good idea against fatigue! Consuming caffeine within three hours before your usual bedtime can delay your natural sleep cycle by forty minutes! Worse, if you combine it with the consumption of screens (telephone or television), it will delay your cycle by 1 hour and 15 minutes!

Two different but very effective ways to take CBD:

  • In infusion: a few minutes of soothing to infuse and drink hot or cold throughout the day
  • In sublingual oil: a few drops under the tongue to relieve anxiety day and night

How to replace the morning coffee? our tips

We try to replace coffee by tea or herbal tea as much as possible!
If you have a craving for a cup of coffee, you take it from 10 am, you avoid the time of the break and especially the evening.
If one has a blow of tiredness, one puts its body in movement and one goes to make a turn to be rebooster.
Our Bon courage oil combines CBD with peppermint, a super medicinal plant that fights against fatigue naturally (and without caffeine!)

Come on, cheers! ☕


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