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An aid to soothe irritable bowel syndrome

A great help for IBS:
In bottle: 3 drops in the morning before leaving help to apprehend the beginning of the day, then 3/4 drops each time I feel that a stressful situation is being created in order to bring down the stress, and thus try to minimize the effects as much as possible
In herbal tea: I take it in the evening, to end the day in a calm and non stressful way, which will have an impact on my day of the following day
I managed to limit the pills/medications/probiotics/antidiabetics etc etc: from one daily intake I went to 1/week approximately
It already calms me psychologically to not take pills every day (the stress of always having something on hand, the feeling of being a bit dependent on a stress that leads to taking medication etc)
It is not a "miracle" recipe for IBS in the sense that the symptoms and effects are still there, but to a lesser extent
By acting on the stress and the fact of releasing the pressure, it influences the effects to be minimized, hence a great help for me to have discovered these products

Of all the things I've tried for over a year now, mindology has helped me the most to manage my symptoms on a daily basis

Beyond the products, the customer service is great, and the follow-up is almost unheard of :)
I had read the reviews before I decided to take the plunge (telling myself it was yet another marketing product) and to take the subscription: but you can go for it with your eyes closed, you won't be disappointed!

Noemie Perrot

Great taste, I'm waiting to see the long term effects

Good Luck Infusion

When I work from home, I sometimes feel isolated - this infusion helps me deal with my stress much better!