Feel a better quality of sleep after one week of CBD treatment

See an improvement in their overall well-being

See a decrease in their anxiety

*Study conducted on 3,000 participants,
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Its fresh taste gives an impression of energy boost. Helps to reduce some pains.


Mentha piperita


Chemillé en Anjou, France

  • Energizing & anti-fatigue
  • Decongestant
  • Painkiller
mint leaves

Mint nanah

Helps digestion, relieves bloating and stomach aches


Melissa officinalis


Chemillé en Anjou, France

  • Organic farming
  • Helps digestion, relieves bloating
  • Rich in iron and vitamin C


In case of nervousness or sleep problems, trefoil is effective in reducing anxiety.


Lotus corniculatus


Chemillé en Anjou, France

  • Organic farming
  • Relieves anxiety, stress and hyperemotionality
  • Regulates nervous system disorders

CBD Broad Spectrum

CBD is one of the most effective natural molecules to relieve anxiety


Cannabis Sativa



  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Natural hemp extract
  • No trace of THC

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Your infusion in 3 steps



Choose the infusion that best suits your needs


Place a tablespoon of infusion in a tea ball, let infuse 5-6 minutes in simmering water (80°C)


Adjust the dose according to your feelings and stress level

The Bon courage infusion can be consumed cold. Leave to infuse for 5 to 6 minutes in a large glass of cold water to release all the aromas and benefits of our plants.

We advise you to take 1 to 3 cups of your Bon courage infusion per day.

You can take 1 to 3 cups a day depending on your stress level.

As caffeine has anxiety-provoking effects, we totally advise you to replace your coffee with an infusion.

Composed of peppermint, nanah mint and birdsfoot trefoil, Bon courage infusion will give you an energy boost while naturally relieving your anxiety.

The benefits of peppermint combined with the effects of CBD offer a decongestant and anti-stress action.

Drinking a few cups of your Bon courage infusion helps relieve stress-related migraines.

Our advice: combine your Bon courage infusion with a few drops of Bon courage oil for a more concentrated effect and intensified relief.

You can totally combine the infusion and the oil, that's why we propose you boxes by range.

Discover our boxes by clicking here.

The infusion and the Bon courage oil differ on 3 points: composition, concentration in CBD and mode of assimilation.

  • Bon courage infusion: composed of peppermint, nanah mint, trefoil and CBD Broad spectrum. Each sachet contains 150mg of CBD or approximately 6mg per cup (for a teaspoon). The infusion Bon courage is prepared as a simple infusion: to let infuse 5 minutes in a water to 80°. The CBD sprayed on the infusion is water-soluble, it will dissolve in water. You don't need to add any fat to your infusion (unless you prefer the taste!).
  • Bon courage oil: composed of peppermint, flaxseed oil, grapefruit and 10% CBD Broad spectrum. Our Bon courage and Bonne nuit oils are composed of 10% CBD. A bottle of 10ml contains 1 000mg of CBD. The assimilation of the oil is done via the bloodstream thanks to the absorption by the sublingual way. It is the fastest and most effective method of absorption. Contrary to the digestive way, the mucous membranes located under the tongue allow the CBD to reach the bloodstream quickly. Put a few drops of oil under your tongue and wait 30 seconds. The first effects will be felt after 5 to 20 minutes.

Ultimately, we recommend choosing the infusion if you are looking for a light relaxation and want to feel the first effects of CBD. Choose the oil if you need to relieve a more important stress.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Very good to accompany relaxation and more ...

After 2 months of treatment, overall reduction of stress noted. Excellent taste, preparing my infusion has become a small ritual synonymous with relaxation and taking care of myself.

I already knew a little about the product. It works for me ...

I already knew a little about the product. It works for me ...

Caroline Queffeulou
Perfect I recommend


Sandra Janssens
Reduction of pain due to muscular tension

I am very happy with this infusion which allows me to relax my muscles (trapezius) linked to neck pain. In general, my stress-related tensions are much more bearable. I now take one every night.

Hello Sandra,

I am sincerely happy to read that the Bon courage infusion makes you feel good and brings you some relief from the stress generated by these pains.

I recommend that you also talk to your doctor and try Yin Yoga (fascia yoga) classes to relieve back pain, joint pain and tension.
In addition to your Bon courage herbal tea, you can also try the Good night herbal tea to soothe yourself in the evening.

We are offering a Yin Yoga live this Sunday on our Instagram account @mindology.fr at 7pm (which you can find in replay on the account).
I also recommend the Yin yoga classes at Bloom studio in Paris rue Etienne Marcel (it is possible to do them from home)

Take care of yourself,

Marjorie Perrot
Very satisfied

Fast shipping, little note in the package, products that look quality, eager to test

Awesome thanks so much for your review!

No stress Infusion

Perfect for relaxing during the day, I feel like I can breathe better and stay calmer in the face of events that tend to stress me out

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