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Feel a better quality of sleep after one week of CBD treatment

See an improvement in their overall well-being

See a decrease in their anxiety

*Study conducted on 3,000 participants,
Radicle ACES Advancing CBD Education and Science

Lemon balm

Helps you fall asleep
and improves sleep cycles




Chemillé en Anjou, France

  • Organic farming
  • Helps to fall asleep
  • Improves sleep cycles


Soothe minor ailments with its anti-inflammatory properties


Verbena officinalis


Chemillé en Anjou, France

  • Organic farming
  • Soothes minor aches and pains in the digestive system
  • Anti-inflammatory properties


To make colorful dreams


Tilia platyphyllos


Chemillé en Anjou, France

  • Organic farming
  • Deep sleep
  • Calming effect against stress, anxiety
  • Improves sleep

CBD Broad Spectrum

CBD is one of the most effective natural molecules to relieve anxiety


Cannabis Sativa



  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Natural hemp extract
  • No trace of THC

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Your infusion in 3 steps



Choose the infusion that best suits your needs


Place a tablespoon of infusion in a tea ball, let infuse 5-6 minutes in simmering water (80°C)


Adjust the dose according to your feelings and stress level

Support from sleep experts

Our sleep program with Dr. Patrick Lemoine to learn to sleep better. Accompaniment offered with your sleep treatment!

Solution developed with Patrick Lemoine

Psychiatrist specializing in sleep   

The Good Night infusion does not generate any drowsiness effect. For the day, prefer the Good luck infusion and refer to the Good night infusion from 5:00 pm.

We advise you to consume a maximum of 2 cups per evening to feel a light appeasement in front of the night anxiety.

Nevertheless, in order to have a restful and quality sleep, a good sleep routine is essential. Turn off the screens at least one hour before going to bed, avoid activities that make you hyper-vigilant in the evening, don't eat too much fat, etc.

You can find all our tips and advice on how to sleep well in our special insomnia guide by clicking here.

Our Good Night infusion does not generate any drowsiness effect. You can therefore take the road without risk.

Also, all our products are designed without THC, the psychotropic molecule of the hemp and detectable by screening tests. There is no risk of testing positive at a roadside inspection after consuming our oils.

Some drugs such as sleeping pills can cause nausea, memory loss or mental fog upon waking. On the contrary, CBD is a natural solution that does not alter the psychic functions nor the chemistry of our brain. CBD being very well recognized by the body, it allows you to calm down without addiction or side effects.

In addition, our oils contain no traces of THC, the psychotropic molecule in hemp that can have a high when consumed above legal levels.
We take no risks and eliminate all residues from our formulas.

Our CBD infusions are obtained by spraying water-soluble CBD directly on the medicinal plants. This innovative technique allows us to have no hemp flower in our products, and to guarantee the total absence of THC, the psychotropic molecule of hemp. Moreover, it allows our infusions to have a much more pleasant smell and taste, that of our medicinal plants such as verbena, lime or lemon balm.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to consult our FAQ by clicking here.

Formulated with
our experts

They support us to build a global solution,
to the discovery of several disciplines of well-being.

Customer Reviews

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Very relaxing infusion

Taking the Good Night Tea just before bedtime is a pleasure. I love the taste and feel relaxed.

Juliette H
Much more effective than my usual herbal tea

After a week of treatment (a cup of good night or two per evening) I feel that I have an easier time falling asleep. A pleasure to fall asleep with less mental ruminations!

Fast, efficient, good value for money, perfect

Fast, efficient, good value for money, perfect

Robert's Flora
I love it

I find it super efficient

Thank you Flore, we are delighted that your cure is good for you!

Powerful relaxation infusion

Frankly, Mindology's product sent me into orbit. I fell asleep with so much appeasement (obviously I was not high but this infusion put me a slap in the face) THANK YOU to Léa for her advice that I was able to meet at Monoprix in Paris Montparnasse.

Hi Nino, thank you so much for your feedback!
It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday!

Marine Lhotellier
Very happy with the 3 cures

Very fast. Very well packaged. And super efficient!

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